Dress a Child - PRINTS OF HOPE

Cucuta /Colombia


If you have traveled to a third world country, you have seen the amount of children that lack clothing and walk barefoot. Many obtain bacteria and diseases that become life threatening when not treated. It is know that not having the appropriate clothing and shoes to wear, contributes to 70% of the preventable diseases found in third world countries. Many are unable to attend school because they don’t have the means to purchase uniforms and shoes. Others need to work from a very young age and without shoes they suffer from foot lesions preventing them from working to help their families. It was after seeing such a need that Prints of Hope International launched Dress A Child in 2007.

The program provides incredible joy to those children who receive the gift as well as the people who participate by donating the new clothing and shoes. Many people have made this a family project purchasing the clothes together, placing the outfits in bags, writing a letter to the kids that will receive the gift and even sending a picture of themselves. This is an incredible opportunity to give your best to those that are less fortunate, and share your blessings.

Thank you for joining us

Mothers are often the primary caregivers and know what their families need most to succeed. Our programs are designed in true partnership with the mothers, encouraging them to participate in defining benefits and services for their children.