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The monthly payment is only $35.

Yes, you can make the entire payment of $420.

No, and you can cancel at any time. Just send an email to info@printsofhope.org to process any cancelation.

Our sponsorship program allows you the opportunity to stay as long as you want, but it is recommended that you at least stay with the student for a minimum period of one year. In the event that the student moves to a place where our program is not found, the sponsor will be informed immediately.

It is very easy, just send an email to info@printsofhope.org and you may discontinue your sponsorship at any time.

We will immediately look for a new sponsor to continue the sponsorship without interruption.

At the moment Venezuela, but we hope to expand to Africa, Haiti, and Honduras.

Yes, It’s only one sponsor per child. We believe in this one on one relationship, with the message that they are valuable and that someone outside of the family cares about their future.

The sponsoring program takes children out of the streets and puts them to study at the Instituto Metropolitano Adventista De Sancristobal in Venezuela. Sponsorship will provide registration, monthly payment, complete school uniform and PE uniform. They receive school education, health education, in some cases vaccines, psychological help, and the opportunity to hear and learn about Jesus. Each student is required to maintain good grades, good attendance, and good behavior to be in the program.

Once you have become a sponsor we provide you with the parent’s email. We encourage you to send your sponsored child a personal or family picture and introduction letter. If you are unable to write in Spanish our staff will translate your letter and deliver it to the child.

Yes, we prefer that you send the first email/letter and start the one on one communication.

Yes!!! That would be amazing! Just keep in mind the situation in Venezuela.

Yes, we encourage you to give any additional monetary gift for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, graduations, etc. Also you could send a gift box to Instituto Metropolitano Adventista Teresa San Calle Principal San Cristobal Tachira

Yes, all contributions are tax deductible and Prints of Hope International will be sent to at year’s end for your next tax season.