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Location: Cucuta

Two months ago, Abdiel Sosa and Ariel Pavon (President and VP of Prints of Hope International) had the opportunity to visit Cucuta, which is the border between Colombia and Venezuela. As they traveled to bridges that connect each country, they could see the thousands of Venezuela’s crossing the border. Some were crossing the border to leave the country with only a few belongings they had left. Others to find food or medications, and a few others to sell anything they could as a re-sale. Currently, most people are making a dollar or less per day.
You can see the desperation of the families, especially those that had little children. The lack of food, medications, hygiene items, hunger, and death is all real.
For these reasons, Prints of Hope International (POH) is taking on this mission. We are set to provide much needed medical attention, distribution of medication, food, hygiene items, clothing, and shoes.
At POH, we believe in the value of education and the power that gives to a child in need. POH has taken on the challenge, as a step in faith, in sponsoring 50 children to continue their education in Venezuela. These are children from families that have no possible means to have their child in school.
“All I could think was about my children, what if that was my family in that situation.”

Cost: $590 (Includes breakfast and lunch, local transportation, lodging, medical insurance, water)

Does not include airfare and dinner; you can eat in the hotel restaurant for a cost of $10/$30 ).

You can mail your payment to:

Prints of Hope International
PO BOX 278435
Miramar, FL 33027

First payment: Deposit $200.00 July 15th
Second payment: $200.00 August 15th
Last payment: $190.00 September 15th

Deposits are not refundable / only transferable.

Project dates: OCTOBER 30th to NOVEMBER 4th , 2019

Volunteers must be a health professional

Vaccines: Tetanus is required (within the last 10 years). Please refer to CDC recommendations to further vaccines. Click HERE for CDC website.

  • All passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of intended return.
  • Tourist Visa is not required to for this travel if a US citizen or resident. Please refer to the US embassy for travel requirement, other than the US.
  • DEPARTURE October 30th at 18:23 ( Avianca AV7 )
  • RETURNING November 4th at 7:50  ( Avianca AV9451 )
Open Your Heart & Home

Here’s how your money helps

Thank you for joining us

Mothers are often the primary caregivers and know what their families need most to succeed. Our programs are designed in true partnership with the mothers, encouraging them to participate in defining benefits and services for their children.



The situation at the border between Colombia and Venezuela is chaotic. Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are crossing the border, just looking for food. People are crossing the border looking for food, basic medications, the necessity of medical assistance is overwhelming.

This will be a medical mission project; if you are a medical professional we need you.

A visa is not required to US citizens, only a valid Passport.

The project ends the morning of November 4th. Please make the necessary arrangements if you plan to stay for additional days.

Volunteers should arrive Cucuta, Colombia the afternoon of October 30th. More information will be provided. Do not purchase a plane ticket until your space has been confirmed by Prints of Hope International.

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