about india

India is an ancient culture that is dynamic but struggling with many challenges because of its large population, lack of adequate infrastructure, changes in the social dynamic from the caste system that has been overthrown, lack of adequate education for its poorest citizens and the complex role of women in the society. The families who lived in the slums truly understood that education was the only way to move out of poverty. The majority of the people living in the slums were employed, and many worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week but are paid so little that it’s difficult for them to sustain themselves and their families.


  • 1,237,000,000 population
  • 9% lack access to water
  • 75% lack access to sanitation
  • 29.8% live below poverty line

Our Work

  • Started working in 2014
  • $23,400 donated
  • 1 project(s) funded
  • 300+ children received medical attention
  • 4 wells were built
  • 1000+ coloring books were distributed



you can change the lives of everyone in a community