about kenya

There is a growing need of education, clean water and other resources in Kenya, and especially in Maasai lands. Some of their traditions like early girl circumcision and selling them for cattle can be changed with education. Access to clean water is a must in these regions as in some of these Maasai tribes don’t name their children until the age of three due to the high newborn mortality in these regions. Prints of Hope International is committed to help these children get an education, access to clean water, provide shoes to wear, and hope for a better tomorrow. The work has started and the best part is that the first tribe we started our work, the selling of girls has stopped.


  • 43,180,000 population
  • 45% lack access to water
  • 71% lack access to sanitation
  • 45.9% live below poverty line

Our Work

  • Began working in 2013
  • $75,378 donated
  • 2 schools and 1 rescue center
  • 2,400+ people aided



you can change the lives of everyone in a community