Our actions and decisions today will shape the way we will be living in the future.

“It’s warm rain” she would yell as she laughed under the shower. Caroline’s first bath was

one of the most emotional experiences I’ve ever had. Right after we rescued her from life as

an orphan, wandering around the town unwanted and unloved. I wrapped her with a blanket

and held her in my arms as she laughed and looked at herself in the mirror for the first time.

I found her in constant fear of not knowing if she would have food in the future or not, she

would eat anything that she could find among the volunteers. What impressed me was her

relentless smile and laughs that made possible the communication between our two worlds.

She would repeat words in Spanish that made no sense to her as a way of showing her

desire to communicate and to express how much she was appreciating these experiences. I

had the privilege of being present the day we drove her to her new home in Nairobi. As soon

as she went in and saw all of the kids that live there, I knew she felt right at home. She

jumped into the arms of a teenage girl that had been rescued by our team years earlier. She

held her hand and stood between the children to join in their songs of praises to God. They

would sing to Him because they knew that He has kept his promises. They sang to thank us,

the “muzungus”, for providing sponsorship so they could have a safe place to sleep, food

to eat, obtain an education and the opportunity to learn more about God.

They sang because they had been given the opportunity to dream beyond expectations.

They sang because our presence and support meant that God himself was wrapping them

in His arms…†and as they sang, I cried. How can so little mean so much?

Life for Maasai children is not easy especially for Maasai girls in Kenya,

Africa. But for hundreds of Maasai children it is now different. 100% of the

donations helped build the first complete rescue center in the region. Now

they will have access to school, a place to rest their heads, food, and be

safe. This past July, 23 volunteers participated in the construction of the

rescue center. They provided medical attention to over 700 people, plus

distributed over 1,100 hygiene products. Best of all, 600 children learned

about the love of Jesus. So on behalf of Prints of Hope International and the

hundreds of Maasai children, THANK YOU!



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